Nemdx is located in Boston Massachusetts with a research facility in Kent, UK.

At Nemdx, we find purpose in our mission and call on our passion as we contribute to the efforts of industry and academia to tackle a few of the most important healthcare problems in the world. Each person at Nemdx plays a vital role in navigating the complexity of our endeavor, and we continuously collaborate because we believe we can each contribute in solving global healthcare problems.

Dr Dalia Cohen

Chief Scientific Officer

– Outcome Capital, Beryllium
– Asterand, Rosetta Genomics
– Novartis (VP Global Head-Functional Genomics)

Dr. Zafrira Avnur


– Quark Ventures
– Roche (Global Head of Academic Innovation)

Dr Ian Thrippleton

Chief Technology Officer

– Qbiotix
– Miacom Dx (Metasystems-Indigo)
– Difco Laboratories (Beckton Dickinson)
– Instrumentation Laboratory
– Max Planck Institute

Hillel Bachrach


– H20/20 Healthcare Partners
– UltraSPECT (Pharmalogic)
– Zixi (Nasdaq: ZIXI)
– Orex (Kodak)

Vito Levi D'Ancona

Executive Chairman

– Scientific Venture Partners
– Qbiotix
– Solus (Perkin Elmer)
– Phasor (Hanwha)