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Nemdx Assays

a range of assays designed to empower pharmaceutical companies, labs and researchers with the insights needed for groundbreaking discoveries. Our assays cover a spectrum of applications, from neurodegenerative diseases to cancer mutations and bacterial identification with an unparalleled capacity to detect and measure a diverse array of compounds, spanning from minuscule molecules to substantial biomolecules such as proteins, peptides, toxins, cancer mutations, bacteria in blood, and even tumor samples.

Nemdx Assays:

A new standard for Researchers and Labs

Current RuO Assays:

Our proprietary assays, including TDP-43, Tau, and Neurofilaments, offer quantification and activity measurements, providing essential data for disease progression tracking and therapeutic development.

Please note that these tests are currently available only to participants in Nemdx’s research activities.

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An effective partner for Pharma:

Collaborative partnerships enhance the development and validation of companion diagnostics, aligning with the pharma company’s therapeutic goals.


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