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Nemdx is dedicated to accelerating patient diagnosis and enabling swift therapeutic decisions through innovative new technologies and assays.

Our Mission:

Nemdx aims to provide critical insights into confirmatory disease onset, disease progression and prescribed therapy target engagement, revolutionizing healthcare for a better future.

Our Vision:

Nemdx aims to redefine disease diagnostics and therapeutics by uncovering intricate details of protein activity, modifications, and disease progression processes. Our engineered assays offer rapid, precise, and ultra-sensitive detection, paving the way for early disease stratification and targeted therapeutic interventions.

Our Offering:

Nemdx’s proprietary assays harness rational oligonucleotide design technologies to measure the interactions between proteins, cancer mutations and bacteria in tiny sample volumes. Our assays provide unprecedented ultra-high sensitivity and specificity, facilitating quick diagnosis, precise monitoring, and efficient drug development across various pharmaceutical applications.

Cutting-Edge Technologies:

Our revolutionary synthetic oligonucleotide design technologies ensure ultra-high specificity and sensitivity in detecting target molecules on standard instrumentation, using minimal sample volumes, typical 5microL, saving time and resources. Our novel approaches enable unrivaled target specificity and sensitivity, outperforming conventional methods and accelerating product development.

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Nemdx’s Innovation:

Our technologies optimize the biochemical binding of molecules, resulting in tailored assays that outperform traditional methods. By integrating 3D polypeptide structural information and amino acid-nucleotide interaction data, our assays offer higher affinity, target specificity, and binding options compared to antibodies and aptamers.

Application Areas:

Nemdx’s technology has a broad range of applications, including neurodegenerative diseases, cancer research, infectious diseases, and other pharmaceutical studies. Our versatile approach enables precise and reliable quantification of compounds, contributing to faster product development.

Nemdx Assays:

A new standard for Researchers and Labs

A range of assays designed to empower pharmaceutical companies, labs and researchers with the insights needed for groundbreaking discoveries. Our assays cover a spectrum of applications, from:

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An effective partner for Pharma:

Nemdx rational approach is designed to aid drug and biomarker developments to monitor the impact of compounds on a targeted protein, patients’ stratification and companion diagnostics

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